About Reservations

Q:What is the process from inquiry to shooting and delivery?

Please contact the studio with your desired dates.
We recommend making reservations at least one month in advance of the shoot date to allow us to provide you with an ideal schedule.

A deposit of 33,000yen (tax included) is required with your application.
Payment is by credit card.

Upon confirmation of your application and payment of the deposit,
the reservation will be confirmed.

Until the day of the shoot, we will
discuss details with the couple mainly through “line or email”.

Please specify your favorite dress in advance from the dress list on our official website.

After the final quotation is confirmed, we will inform you of the payment method. Please pay the shooting fee minus the deposit within 3 days after the final quotation is confirmed.

The day before the shooting

Final Counseling

After arriving in Okinawa, please come to BEREL salon for final schedule confirmation and costume fitting.
(There are two meeting slots for the day before the event, at 13:30 and 15:00.

The day of the shooting

After completing the preparations at the BEREL salon, the photo shooting will begin.

Until the completion of the album

Please note that there may be delays during peak season.
If you have a deadline, such as for a wedding, please let us know in advance.
If you have a deadline, please let us know in advance.

About Fees

A:Additional fees for shooting on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays vary depending on the season.

regular season 9,900 yen (tax included)

mid-season 19,800 yen (tax included)

high season 60,500 yen (tax included)

Calendar Year 2023

A:For payment, please make a deposit of 33,000 yen at the time of reservation.
A deposit of ¥33,000 is due at the time of reservation.
The balance is due within 3 days of the final estimate.

Credit cards are accepted for payment.
Credit cards accepted are VISA / MASTER / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / Discover 
Please note that payment must be made in a lump sum only.

*Some plans, such as joint plans with other companies, differ from the above.

A:Attend staff” when you need help with shooting with children,
additional location” when you request a shooting location, and so on,
We can provide optional services as needed.
However, there are generally no “additional fees” such as
However, please be assured that we do not charge for “dress upgrade” or “additional data to be delivered.

About Filming

A:Of course it is possible.
However, in the case of small children, we will need to take pictures while the couple is holding the child in their arms,
If you would like to have a “photo session with just the bride and groom”, we recommend you to order the “+attendant” option, which allows you to temporarily leave your child in our care during the photo session.
For details of “+attendant”, please check the available options.

A:We can guide you at no additional charge.
We look forward to having you with us and taking memorable photos
We would love to have you come with us to take memorable photos with us.
Please make your own way to the location of the photo shoot.

A:Can I bring in my own shooting goods?
If you would like to bring your own accessories, please let us know what kind of items you would like to bring.
We would like to inform the photographer in advance so that the shooting can proceed smoothly.
*Because “transportation and management” are required when using photographic goods,
If you are shooting with just the two of you, please request an “attendant staff member” to assist you.

We have rental accessories, but in case of breakage or malfunction, we will replace them at any time,
We are always replacing rental items in case of damage or breakage.
Therefore, we ask that you actually see and select the accessories at the meeting.

About Dresses, Accessories, Hair and Make-up

A:We have the following available.

[Bride] Veil
Accessories (Necklace・Earrings)
Hair accessories (Headdress (artificial flowers), Tiara)

[Groom] Suspenders
White shoes
Black shoes

A:Of course it is possible.
Please rest assured that no additional fees will be charged.

A:We ask that you bring in your own fresh flower bouquets.
There is no charge for bringing your own flowers.

A:Our salon provides cosmetics for regular photo shoots.
For customers with sensitive skin, please bring your own cosmetics such as “makeup primer” and “point makeup.
Please bring your usual cosmetics.

A:How do you decide on a dress?
After you try on the dresses at the meeting on the day of the photo shoot, you will decide on the dress you would like to wear.

A:Your desired hair style is available. Please send us a picture in advance.

*The humidity in Okinawa is high, and curls may not last as long as they should in down styles.
In case of strong winds, the hair may fall over your face.
Please be assured that we can discuss this with you depending on the weather conditions of the day.